One truck closer to a fossil-free future

To us, every step of the journey towards becoming fully sustainable is equally important. That’s why it’s not enough that Absolut’s distillation process is climate neutral, we also aim for the transportation of our products to be fossil-free. One step towards this is the rare hybrid-electric truck, located in the heart and home of Absolut – Åhus, Sweden.

At Absolut, we are constantly looking for new ways to become more efficient and climate friendly, in all aspects of production. That means being more sustainable not only when it comes to the distillation, but also in how we transport our products.

Our distillation process is climate neutral. Now we’re working on transport to and from our facilities.

Peter Neiderud, Director Supply Chain

In Åhus, where all our vodka is made, you’ll find an extremely limited Scania P 320 hybrid-electric truck. This truck can operate ten kilometres on electricity with a total weight of 32 tonnes, which makes it a rare example of a fully sustainable transportation solution.

We put the climate action first and we’d like to be at the forefront. This hybrid is one step closer to a fossil-free future.

Andreas Jönsson

Every day, several times a day, this truck drives back and forth from our factory to our warehouses, transporting the 120 million bottles of vodka that we produce every year. And owner of the truck, Andreas Jönsson at Åhus Åkeri, takes great pride in making this possible in a zero-emission way.

While continuing to decrease emissions and keep raising the bar, we hope to inspire the rest of the industry to invest more in sustainable transportation solutions.