The climate impact of Absolut Vodka

We have always had, and will always have, a strong ambition to reduce our climate impact. However, keeping in mind that distillation by nature is an energy-intensive activity, we are very proud to be able to say that our distillery in Åhus is known as one of the most climate and energy-efficient in the world, with an energy consumption of 60 percent less than that of the average distillery.

In addition, our direct and indirect CO2-emissions (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) per liter alcohol distilled at Åhus are 98 percent less than the average distillery. We achieved this largely thanks to our relentless effort of improving energy-efficiency, combined with the fact that we source more than 85 percent of our energy from renewable sources and generate all our electricity by hydropower – a renewable source.

Our work ahead

However, we won’t pat ourselves on the back just yet. Until we have reached our goal of making a carbon-neutral product by 2030, we still have work to do. For instance, we still emitted a total of 774 tonnes of CO2-emissions (Scope 1 and 2 emissions) in 2019/20.

In our goal of making a carbon-neutral vodka, we don’t only include direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 and 2 emissions, stated above), but also the indirect emissions associated with processes that are not under our direct control (Scope 3 – indirect emissions not in included in Scope 2). This includes packaging, wheat cultivation and worldwide market distribution.

We have set a number of ambitious goals to reduce our climate impact:

  • Creating a carbon neutral product by 2030
  • Replacing all fossil fuels at our facilities by 2025
  • Reducing energy consumption in production by 15 percent from 2018 until 2025
  • Reducing climate impact from wheat production by 10 percent

We are also very proud to say that we have already achieved several of our goals. So far, we have achieved the following:

  • Consuming 45 percent less energy per liter vodka distilled compared to 2004 (2018)
  • Sourcing more than 85 percent of our energy from renewable resources
  • All electricity used comes from hydropower
  • Waste sprits are used as fuel for the distillery
  • Phasing out fossil fuel reliant cars in our car fleet
  • Current emissions are offset by investing in a reforestation and forest management project in Mexico, Scolel’te, certified by Plan Vivo.