Ojo de Tigre

Mezcal Ojo de Tigre is a 100% Mexican artisanal mezcal, crafted with a unique blend of two different sustainably cultivated agaves, combining the sweet and smoky flavour of the agave Espadín from Oaxaca that converges with the herbal complexity of the agave Tobalá from Puebla, Ojo de Tigre delivers a well-balanced flavour profile that is both complex and approachable.

Bottles of Ojo de Tigre

Created in a collaboration with renowned Mexican actor and producer Luis Gerardo Mendez, Casa Lumbre and House of Tequila. Our teams work every day to maintain environmentally responsible production that reflects tradition and passion for creating a product of the highest quality. 

Our name, Ojo de Tigre, comes from the semiprecious stone recognized as a universal amulet of good fortune. And to hold our exceptional spirit, we developed a unique and iconic bottle — inspired by the anforitas of yesteryear, personal amulets that people carried with them in good times and bad.

Ojo de Tigre is building its own history, with a clear objective: to be a bridge between the niche of those who like mezcal and those who are eager to get started. Ojo de Tigre believes in freedom of expression and love in all its forms to encourage everyone to look at each other without labels.

At Ojo de Tigre we believe in diversity and love in all its forms; we are a mezcal for everyone, unpretentious, human and close. We seek to exalt tradition and create bridges, conversations and open doors that allow us to connect beyond the mezcal.

Our bottle

The design of the bottle is one of the main pillars of Ojo de Tigre. Inspired by the anforitas of the past, which once served as an amulet people carried around in good times and bad, our bottle pays homage to the traditions of our ancestors.

Ojo de Tigre
  • Timeline
  • 2016

    The idea was born.

  • 2018

    Joven was launched.

    Ojo de Tigre Joven

  • 2020

    Reposado was launched.

    Ojo de Tigre Reposado

  • 2021

    The Pride partnership was launched (It Gets Better Mexico).


    Ojo de Tigre Pride bottle