Our brands

Our brands are defined by lifestyle and mindset, and a true long-term commitment to sustainability. We are inspired by their heritage to co-create today’s popular culture.


Inspiring people of all backgrounds to come together to mix ideas and drinks, respectfully and responsibly, Absolut Vodka is a world-leading premium spirit – made in one of the most energy-efficient distilleries in the world.


Our gin portfolio spans from premium to ultra-premium and continues to be revered across the world. Rich in British history but embracing modern-day values, they are complemented by our craft gin drinks made in Germany, Italy and Japan – inspired by local ingredients, offering an authentic experience for today’s discerning consumers.


Our premium liqueurs are instantly recognisable brands that are sold in more than 150 countries worldwide and are staples in world-famous cocktails such as piña coladas and espresso martinis. Drinks for all occasions, our liqueurs evoke fun, spontaneity and a dash of indulgence, whether socialising with friends or relaxing at home.


Our sweet and smoky authentic mezcals are produced in Oaxaca and Puebla using handcrafted and ancestral methods. With a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility, we consider our award-winning mezcals as liquid art for all.


Made from the fermented juice of the blue agave plant, our high-quality tequilas are only produced from the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico, using centuries-old methods that include brick ovens and copper pot stills.