ABSOLUT and UNDEFEATED Unite for Exclusive China Collection Inspired by Vibrant City Trio

Mixing in the urban jungle, we are all adventurers at heart. Inspired by Absolut’s “BORN TO MIX” spirit, the Swedish premium vodka brand partnered with the modern lifestyle sportswear label UNDEFEATED to launch an exclusive urban adventure series, paying tribute to the most progressive cities – Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu in China.

Absolut Undefeated

This collaboration stems from both brands’ pursuit of creating connections beyond differences. Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu are the three distinctly characteristic cities in China where young adults mix with different people and define the youth culture of their generation. In these cities, everyone is an “adventurer,” characterized by their fervor, determination, and courage, possessing a free-spirited attitude of “ABSOLUT UNDEFEATED.” The integration of a youthful attitude with local urban culture not only reflects Absolut’s “BORN TO MIX” spirit but also reinforces its long-held notion that when we mix, we create better together. Absolut has been partnering with designers, artists and creative communities for more than 40 years to bring this belief to the forefront and inspire change.

Returning street culture to the grassroots, the collaborative series revolves around the theme “ABSOLUT UNDEFEATED,” featuring T-shirts and hoodies. The limited capsule (around 1500 items) collection seamlessly blends the distinctive traits of both brands, deeply rooted in urban symbols and memories. The hoodies and T-shirts come in three different color schemes, with the front of the hoodies prominently displaying the ABSOLUT UNDEFEATED brand logo. The series’ designs are sleek and bold, and express the bold and fearless spirit embraced by both brands.

Notably, the colors of the sleeve tags on the T-shirts and hoodies are inspired by the impressions of Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. The red inspiration from Beijing reflects the walls of the Forbidden City, embodying a classic backdrop of retro trends and aspirations for the modern and future. The blue inspiration from Shanghai stems from the unreachable skyline of the city, blending classic and modern elements, embodying the relentless spirit of this city that never sleeps. The green inspiration from Chengdu comes from the bamboo of the land of abundance, imbued with its high flexibility and vigorous vitality. The symbols and visual characteristics of the three cities are integrated and reinforced in the ABSOLUT UNDEFEATED collaborative series, leaving an exclusive mark on each city’s adventure.

This collaboration between ABSOLUT and UNDEFEATED is an innovative endeavor to expand the brand followers and deepen its presence in the Chinese market. The collaboration aims not only to resonate with young people’s lifestyles but also to cultivate new growth points for trend vitality.

The ABSOLUT UNDEFEATED collaborative collection will be available for purchase online and in offline stores starting in March. Each city’s offline store will exclusively sell limited editions of their respective cities, providing adventurers with gear unique to their city.

About Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is a world-leading premium spirit, made in one of the most energy-efficient distilleries in the world. Every drop of Absolut Vodka is produced in and around Åhus in Sweden – and while Sweden is its home, Absolut Vodka spans more than 140 markets around the world. Part of the Pernod Ricard group since 2008, Absolut Vodka is a champion and platform for social progression through creative collaborations and innovative products – its iconic bottle has been interpreted hundreds of times by renowned international artists and fashion designers. It launched the world’s first flavoured premium vodka, Absolut Peppar, in 1986 to inspire the flavoured spirits that are commonplace today.

About Undefeated

UNDEFEATED is known as one of the most recognized sportswear brands and well-curated retail boutiques across the globe. Since the brand’s inception in 2002, Undefeated remains the unofficial voice defining an era of sports and street culture as one of the most influential brands of its generation. UNDEFEATED made its debut in the Chinese market in 2017, with its first store located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. In recent years, UNDEFEATED has vigorously expanded into the Chinese market, with its offline stores now spread across 11 major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, totaling more than 20 stores. As a pioneer in trend culture, UNDEFEATED has earned widespread recognition and love in the Chinese market for its unique brand charm.