Salma Hayek kicks down doors to stir up Kahlúa’s versatility

Bored of wine? Stir things up with Kahlúa. Espresso Martini, anyone?

[CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC] Salma Hayek Pinault is taking the leading role in a series of tongue-in-cheek novela-inspired adverts as she encourages people the world over to spice up their libations with the world’s number one coffee liqueur.

The Mexican actress and producer is unlocking Kahlúa’s secret versatility as a playful treat any day of the week as part of the brand’s global campaign, Stir Up. Wanting something different to the typical Friday glass of wine, people want to break up the daily drudgery with glamorous unpredictability from the comfort of their own homes, be that an Espresso Martini on a Tuesday night or pouring Kahlúa over ice cream for a mid-week dessert with a kick. It’s a sentiment reflected in the series of over-the-top spots that tap into Kahlúa’s heritage and lean into the melodramatic world of daytime soap operas with a bold and delicious take.

Directed by Mexican director Rodrigo Valdes, Stir Up signals Kahlúa’s ambition to unleash its brand as a vibrant and playful treat – not just for special occasions.

Why Salma, you ask? [spits out Kahlúa-infused Americano] Really? Who else could it have been!? Salma, who hails from Mexico, the home of Kahlúa, is also the perfect embodiment of hammed-up novela fun, reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously. With her cheeky sense of humour, Salma is the natural choice to deliver deadpan, mischievous punchlines such as, “You’re not a couch potato, you’re a couch Espresso Martini!” and help Kahlúa stir up the everyday. 

The coffee-based cocktail craze is booming as bars across the globe continue to hear the familiar call for “an Espresso Martini, please!” However, faced with a higher cost of living, many are choosing to indulge in a night in, every now and then.1 With entertaining at home here to stay and the adult treats space flourishing, a splash of Kahlúa mixed with everyday ingredients from cream to milk to orange juice [*gasp* yes, you read that correctly] can liven up any living room for a home fiesta. 

Craig van Niekerk, Global VP of Marketing for Malibu and Kahlúa, said: “We’re over the top and proud. But rather than run away from a sense of being ‘too much’ for the everyday, we’re embracing it – with an exuberant, humorous twist in these adverts with Salma at the helm. We are channelling our Mexican personality to inspire a new generation of home mixologists with a fun and dramatic alternative. Cue a guitar chord [*TWANG*]”

To coincide with the Stir Up advertising campaign, Kahlúa has had a wardrobe change, unveiling a shiny new outfit for its distinctive brown bottle. The refreshed label design pays homage to Kahlúa’s Mexican heritage that dates back to 1936 and retains its iconic yellow and red wording – but with a playful modern take. 

The advertising campaign will start in the USA in November while the redesigned bottles will take over shelves across key retailers in the USA in the same month, before being rolled out globally. Salud! 

1Source: CGA by NielsenIQ
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About Kahlúa

Originating from Mexico in 1936 and made with 100 per cent Arabica coffee beans, Kahlúa remains the world’s leading coffee liqueur. Its global popularity was inspired by the famous Kahlúa Ladies, the game-changing women-only management team that began to spread the word of this rich-tasting drink to the US and beyond in the 1960s. Every bean of coffee used to make Kahlúa is grown in shade plantations and handpicked by farmers from four remote villages in the mountains of Veracruz, Mexico (Ocotempa, Atempa, Oxtotitla, Coxititla) as part of the brand’s ‘Coffee for Good‘ initiative. It’s a community relationship that we have nurtured and continue to do so. We work closely with farmers to help them adopt more sustainable farming methods and improve their living conditions. Today, the 300 tons of premium-grade green coffee used every year for Kahlúa is sourced following our partner Fondo Para la Paz’s three-pronged approach to sustainable development.

For more information on Kahlúa’s Coffee for Good Project click here.

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