Introducing Absolut Hunni: A Sweet Vodka Innovation

The Absolut Group has unveiled its latest sensation, Absolut Hunni, a vodka infused with natural honey. This innovative addition to the Absolut flavour portfolio offers a smooth and delicious tasting experience that is perfect as it is or for mixing purposes.

Camila Uricoechea

We spoke with Camila Uricoechea, Senior Brand Manager Innovation and Design for Absolut, to learn more about the inspiration behind the product, the thought process for creating the bottle design, and how it differentiates itself from other honey-infused spirits.

How would you describe the new Absolut Hunni?

Absolut Hunni is the newest addition to our flavour portfolio. It is a naturally flavoured vodka with a distinct golden honey profile for a smooth, delicious taste. Crafted with easy-to-make-at-home- drinks in mind, it is best enjoyed with clear lemonade.​

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the creation of Absolut Hunni and how the idea for a honey-flavoured vodka came about?

We had two objectives at the start of this project: the first was to offer consumers a different flavour experience from what is currently available in the United Kingdom vodka category. The second objective was to craft a flavour that would mix well with clear lemonade, which is how 60 per cent of vodka drinkers in the area enjoy their drinks. After a few rounds of flavour research, experimentation, and consulting with consumers, Absolut Hunni was undoubtedly the consumer’s preferred choice.

Given the increasing popularity of honey as a flavour profile, how does Absolut Hunni differentiate itself from other honey-infused spirits, and what unique characteristics does it bring to the flavoured vodka category?

Absolut Hunni is made exclusively from the natural flavour, and unlike some other flavoured vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar.​ It also offers consumers an easy-to-mix, versatile, and great-tasting alternative to the current fruity and berry-flavoured vodkas on the shelf. This differentiated flavour will surely drive interest and appeal.

It also offers consumers an easy-to-mix, versatile, and great-tasting alternative to the current fruity and berry-flavoured vodkas on the shelf.

Can you tell us more about the bottle design?

The bottle design is striking. Bold black and yellow stripes bring to life the stripes of a honeybee, driving flavour appeal and differentiation while harmonizing with the rest of the Absolut flavour portfolio. The name Hunni is a fun added twist rooted in contemporary pop culture.

In which cocktails does Absolut Hunni go best with?

The Absolut Hunni Lemon-drop Martini is perfect for those looking for an elevated tipple. Add 25 millilitres of Lemon Juice and 25 millilitres of simple syrup to 50 millilitres of Absolut Hunni. Shake all ingredients and strain into a coupe or martini glass. Garnish with an Edible Flower. Make sure to visit the Absolut website to check all the drink recipes and how to elevate classic cocktails with Absolut Hunni.