Blend No. 83: The World’s First Espresso Martini Eau De Parfum inspired by Absolut & Kahlúa

Absolut and Kahlúa have launched a unique Espresso Martini perfume called Blend No. 83, a celebration of the classic cocktail’s 40th anniversary.

Embracing the 80s vibe that permeates fashion, beauty, and holiday trends, Blend No. 83 captures the essence of the Espresso Martini’s cultural comeback. We spoke with Reshma Dhati, Senior Brand Director at Absolut, to learn more about the innovation.

What was the idea behind creating an Espresso Martini perfume?

Absolut and Kahlúa, the power pair behind the Espresso Martini, wanted to not only celebrate the holidays but also the Espresso Martini’s 40th anniversary. Helping to guide the creative process, a recent survey found that 91 percent of Espresso Martini drinkers say that when they smell espresso or coffee in a bar, it makes them want to order an Espresso Martini. As a result, we crafted the world’s first Espresso Martini eau de parfum, Blend No. 83 – a fragrance by Absolut and Kahlúa. Our ambition was to mirror the contagious nature of the cocktail. Because once you smell it, you want it. With that insight in mind, we created something Espresso Martini aficionados could revel in for the holiday season and an item that was a true cultural statement. 

How would you describe Blend No. 83 for people interested in trying it?

Blend No. 83 is a delicious treat for the senses. Created in partnership with the inventive perfumery Imaginary Authors, the fragrance features notes of dark chocolate, sugarcane rum, arabica coffee, velvety foam and night musk. It floods the senses with the ultimate feeling of decadence – like sipping an Espresso Martini. For those looking to order a bottle of their own, Blend No. 83 is currently being sold exclusively via

It floods the senses with the ultimate feeling of decadence

Who is the target group for Blend No. 83, and what has been the response after it was released?

Blend No. 83 was crafted for Espresso Martini lovers aged 21 or older. It’s a perfect gift to friends, family, and even yourselves this holiday season. We sold out of our specialty flacon in less than 24 hours. 

When and where would you say is the best time to wear Blend No. 83?

Much like any fragrance, how consumers choose to wear it is entirely up to them. With the versatility of the Espresso Martini cocktail itself, the unisex perfume is perfect for an afternoon shopping trip or as an elevated scent for an evening happy hour with friends or a date night at home.

Why is coffee such a captivating smell for many of us?

Coffee culture is alive and thriving. There are many rituals, behaviors and feelings associated with coffee – especially its smell. Blend No. 83 brings those feelings to life in a way only Absolut and Kahlùa can offer. 

Coffee culture is alive and thriving

Is Blend No. 83 a testament to how influential the Espresso Martini has been since it was first introduced on bars 40 years ago?

Yes, definitely. Not many cocktails have inspired as many trends and memes as the Espresso Martini has for the past 40 years. And everyone knows that the best drinks are made with Absolut and Kahlúa.

Should the fragrance industry explore more classic cocktail-inspired scents?

Why not? There is room for everyone and based on the fantastic feedback our brands and Imaginary Authors received following the launch of Blend No. 83, there is certainly an untapped demand for cocktail-inspired scents.