Meet Carlos Andres Ramirez at House of Tequila

With over twelve years of experience, Carlos Andres Ramirez brings his deep-rooted passion for the wine and hospitality industry to his role at The Absolut Group (TAG).

Carlos Andres Ramirez

Carlos is now the Advocacy and Brand Homes Manager and Global Director of Advocacy & PR for House of Tequila.

Can you briefly tell us about yourself and your role at the company?

– My name is Carlos Andres Ramirez. I’m Colombian and have been working for Pernod Ricard for over twelve years. I grew up in a family involved in the wine, hospitality, and restaurant industries, which sparked my lifelong passion for these fields. Although I initially dreamed of becoming a film director, I eventually discovered that my true calling was in travel, food, and beverages.

I pursued a degree in Hospitality Business Management and developed a deep love for oenology and wine through my food and beverage courses. Before graduating, I travelled to Chile to study at a sommelier school. Upon returning to Colombia, I found the wine industry booming and began working as an advisor for various distributors and restaurants. Soon after, I was offered the role of Brand Ambassador.

“This camaraderie makes work enjoyable”

I received extensive training, including Chivas Master in Scotland, Beefeater in Ireland, and visits to numerous brand distilleries and advocacy programs. I played a significant role in the first global advocacy programs, such as Maison Pernod Ricard in Latin America. Eventually, I became the Advocacy Manager at Pernod Ricard Colombia, where I connected with the team at House of Tequila (HOT). After several trips back and forth, I was offered my dream job: Advocacy and Brand Homes Manager for HOT brands, with the opportunity to develop a visitor center for Altos Tequila.

Recently, I also took on the PR and Communications Manager role and became the Global Director. Despite my busy career, I remain passionate about wine. I teach classes at culinary and sommelier schools and run a blog and social media dedicated to whisky (@mundowhisky). I consider myself a very good, albeit frustrated, chef.

I’ve been married for 15 years. I met my wife, who is a long-time food and wine magazine editor, during an interview she conducted with me after a wine tasting.

How does the idea of conviviality manifest itself in the work environment at TAG?

– I always tell our new colleagues and friends that at Pernod Ricard, we treat each other differently than in other companies. It’s not that we avoid challenging each other or always agree on everything; rather, we create a healthy environment where this can happen. My other friends often express their envy and notice how I speak about my job, how motivated I am, and how we spend time together on weekends. This camaraderie makes work enjoyable and motivates me to wake up every day, grateful for my job and opportunities. 

“One that stands out is opening the first visitor center at our tequila distillery in Arandas, Jalisco”

Can you tell us about an exciting project you have worked on recently?

– Oh, there are so many memorable moments! One that stands out is opening the first visitor center at our tequila distillery in Arandas, Jalisco (Mexico). It was both challenging and fun. Starting from scratch, briefing architectural firms, and diving into all the technical details while being involved in the creative process was incredibly rewarding. Seeing a place come to life that embodies the Altos identity was immensely satisfying. I’m currently with a project called Tahona Society 3.0. It is an Altos community of bartenders, with the main initiative being a sustainable cocktails competition. We want to take it to a new level by including top coaches, Shark Tank TV producers, and experts to judge the projects. We’re developing a year-long program to become the number one platform for scaling up bartenders’ careers. This is one of my biggest projects, alongside the Olmeca Shot Ring—a fun influencers initiative focused on shot cocktails and lucha libre—and the World’s 50 Best partnership.

What has been your proudest moment at TAG?

– I feel very proud every time I represent TAG at conventions, presentations, and other convivial moments. The messages delivered and the high level of motivation you experience those days certainly recharge you. On a personal level, my proudest moment was when I got promoted to director. 

What’s your favorite cocktail, and do you have a personal twist on the recipe?

– My favorite cocktail is an Altos Tommy’s Margarita (no salt rim). However, I also love all our gin brands and enjoy a good martini at Duke’s, made with Beefeater or a nice Last Word. Occasionally, I crave a Bourbon Old Fashioned or a Julep.