KI NO BI is an artisanal ultra-premium dry gin with a Japanese heart – made with the obsessive attention to detail, care and precision associated with the finest craftsmanship.

KI NO BI bottle

Created in Japan’s gin dedicated distillery, KI NO BI is made from a high-quality rice spirit, the world-famous Fushimi water and uses eleven botanicals mainly from Kyoto such as yuzu, lemon, sanshō pepper and gyokuro tea sourced at the peak of the season from local producers. We divide 11 botanicals into the 6 elements (base, citrus, tea, herbal, spice and fruity & floral) and are distilled separately before being blended to create an aromatic and refreshing spirit with a gentle kick of warm, ginger spice. 

Launched in 2016, and best served simply with soda, KI NO BI, which translates as ‘the beauty of the seasons’, is enjoyed in almost 50 countries worldwide. Made in small batches, KI NO BI has won numerous awards from prestigious international spirits competitions, including IWSC International Gin Producer of the Year twice.

KI NO BI has a recognisably dry gin flavour, but with a Japanese accent. It’s pure and perfectly balanced with distinctive aromas of sansho, yuzu and gyokuro tea.

Did you know…

Water makes up for more than 50 per cent of KI NO BI gin and so we put great care into our blending water. It comes from the Fushimi region of Kyoto, well-known for its use in sake production. It is located just above a large underground well, filled with high-quality water renowned for its purity, softness and flavour.

  • Timeline
  • 2016

    Launch of KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin after 2 years of experimentation and research.

  • 2017

    Launch of KI NO TEA in collaboration with tea-grower and blender Horii-Shichimeien.

    Ki No Bi bottle

  • 2018

    Launch of KI NO BI SEI.

    Ki No Bi Sei

  • 2018

    Launch of KI NO TOU, Kyoto Old Tom Gin.

    Ki No Bi bottle

  • 2019

    Launch of KI NO BI Edition G, gin aged in ex-champagne barrels.

    KI NO BI Edition G

  • 2021

    Launch of KI NO BAI, inspired by a sloe gin with a Japanese touch, using plums and haskap berries.

    Ki No Bi sloe gin

  • 2021

    Launch of KI NO BI GO to celebrate the 5th anniversary of KI NO BI.

    Ki No Bi Go bottle

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Ki No Bi


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