Stout’s out, Espresso Martinis are in this St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day called; it’s bored of stout as Kahlúa stirs things up by revealing that 60% of Brits would rather drink an Espresso Martini over a stout.

[CUE THE CÉILÍ WITH MEXICAN TRUMPETS] This St. Patrick’s Day, Stout’s Out and Espresso Martinis are in. Fact. While green beer and stout have long been traditional favourites for St. Patrick’s Day, research by Kahlúa, the world’s number one coffee liqueur brand*, shows that 60% of Brits would rather drink an espresso martini over a stout to celebrate the emerald isle while a third of Americans feel they have to order a beer on the holiday, even if they don’t want one. And, with a quarter of Brits (22%) ready to commit and make the switch from stout to their favourite coffee-based cocktail exclusively on the big day, its clear people the world over are ready to stir things up this March 17th.

And let’s face it, it isn’t *that* big a change! Why choose a pint of black and creamy stout when you can have a dazzling martini glass filled with your other favourite black and creamy drink? They pretty look the same, no? Ándale, to the bar!

Kahlúa is showing up in unexpected ways this St. Patrick’s Day to remind drinkers that they can – and should – choose the drink they really want. While nearly one third of US and over half of British drinkers have felt social pressure to drink a certain drink to celebrate an occasion, nearly half of Brits and one fifth of Americans fear they might be judged for ordering a cocktail instead of a pint on St. Patrick’s Day. Similarly, almost 70% of Irish people admit to wanting to sip on a delicious cocktail, but end up ordering an alternative for fear of judgment amongst other reasons. Nearly half of Irish people (41%) also came clean and confessed to not actually enjoying the symbolically Irish drink, while nearly 90% of them love a tasty cocktail. Enough is enough! Kahlúa is on a mission to get drinkers to stir things up and have the drink their heart actually desires with a deliciously creamy, Kahlúa Espresso Martini

Enough is enough! Kahlúa is on a mission to get drinkers to stir things up and have the drink their heart actually desires with a deliciously creamy, Kahlúa Espresso Martini

Not yet convinced? Don’t just take our word for it…

Ex-Ireland professional rugby player Rory Best, who has teamed up with Kahlúa, says: 

“As an ex-professional rugby player, there’s a particular pint I’ve always been associated with and whenever I go to the bar, people assume they know what I want to drink… it’s true, there’s nothing quite like a cold, black and creamy beverage on St Patrick’s Day, but for me, it’s got to be a Kahlúa Espresso Martini. I’m proud to stir things up with Kahlúa this St Patrick’s Day, challenging traditional stereotypes and encouraging everyone to celebrate in their own way, whatever they want to drink – Feliz St. Patrick’s Day!”

Kahlúa is activating in three key markets, encouraging drinkers to Stir Up their celebrations: 

  • In the UK, whether you’re a seasoned stout drinker looking for something lighter or a loud-and-proud cocktail afficionado, head to Dirty Martini bars in London, Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester from Thursday 14th – Sunday 17th, for 2-4-1 Espresso Martinis between 12-7pm to celebrate and say Slainte – or Salud. Dirty Martini St. Paul’s (130 Wood St, London EC2V 6DL) will also be giving away mini pint glasses to the first 40 consumers to order an Espresso Martini at from when they open at 4pm.
  • In Ireland, Kahlúa has teamed up with iconic Dublin pub Hogans on Fade Street, and the first round of Espresso Martinis is on them! Hogans will be serving 100 complimentary black and creamy Espresso Martinis on a first come, first served basis from 1pm this St Patrick’s Day. And with more than half of Irish people saying they enjoy an Espresso Martini, ándale to the bar!
  • In the US, to help revellers swap that black and creamy lookalike this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Kahlúa is offering consumers an Espresso Martini on them. Starting on March 13 while supplies last, head to for the chance to win – terms and conditions apply.

We’ve even got a twist for you. While Absolut Vodka is the traditional ingredient, 40% of Brits want to see more creativity in cocktail options on St. Patrick’s Day… enter the Irish Espresso Martini. Did you know you can sub in Jameson to make an Irish Espresso Martini? More than half of Brits and two thirds of Americans were unaware of this! 45% of Brits would be open to ordering one with 95% of Americans thinking it would be cool to drink one on St. Patrick’s Day; the perfect way to add an Irish twist to your favourite cocktail. 

Craig van Niekerk, Global VP of Marketing for Kahlúa comments, “The people have spoken, and we’ve listened. It’s time to stir up St. Patrick’s Day and have everyone enjoying their drinks – and what better way than with a Kahlúa Espresso Martini? Kahlúa makes moments less mundane by adding a boost of playfulness, bringing something extra to the everyday.”

Van Niekerk continues, “Ultimately, we want everyone to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in their own way with whatever drink they desire. Whether that’s a pint of stout, a dazzling espresso martini, or just a tall glass of water, it’s each to their own, right? We say Salud and Slainté to everyone, no matter what drink you fancy!”  

This desire for contemporary approaches to traditional celebrations comes as more people seek to personalise occasions. With moments such as Galentine’s Day being recognised globally, and Friendsgiving starting to gain traction outside of the US, its clear young adults are increasingly craving personalisation and want to stir up traditions, which is why Kahlúa has stepped in to save the day, encouraging everyone to enjoy their drink of choice this St. Patrick’s Day. 

So, whether you’re into old-school celebrations or more modern interpretations, Kahlúa is bringing the fiesta to the Emerald Isle with a Black, Creamy, Espresso Martini.

Research Methodology

  • UK: An online survey was conducted by Atomik Research among 2005 adults aged 18+ in the UK. The research fieldwork took place between 1-4 March 2024. Atomik Research is an independent creative market research agency that employs MRS-certified researchers and abides to MRS code. 
  • Ireland: An online consumer study of 1000 adults was undertaken in February 2024 by Bounce Insights.
  • US: An online survey was conducted by market research platform 1Q in February 2024 among 1000 adults aged 21+ in the United States who identify as responsible drinkers.

About The Espresso Martini

Here’s the only espresso martini recipe you’ll ever need. It’s tasty, edgy, and sophisticated—three reasons why it’s one of the most popular coffee cocktails in the world.


  • Ice cubes
  • 1 part Kahlúa
  • 1 part Absolut Vodka (or 1 part Jameson Irish whiskey if you’re feeling particularly Irish)
  • 1 part Espresso
  • 3 Coffee Beans

How to make

  1. Fill a shaker with ice and add Kahlúa, Absolut (or Jameson), and espresso.
  2. Shake until cold, about 15–20 seconds.
  3. Strain into a martini or cocktail glass.
  4. Garnish with 3 coffee beans for good luck.
About Kahlúa

Originating from Mexico in 1936 and made with 100 per cent Arabica coffee beans, Kahlúa remains the world’s leading coffee liqueur. Its global popularity was inspired by the famous Kahlúa Ladies, the game-changing women-only management team that began to spread the word of this rich-tasting drink to the US and beyond in the 1960s. Every bean of coffee used to make Kahlúa is grown in shade plantations of four remote farming communities in the Mexican coastal region of Veracruz and handpicked. It’s a relationship the brand has nurtured and continues to do so. We work closely with farmers to help them adopt more sustainable farming methods and improve their living conditions. Today, the 300 tons of premium-grade green coffee used every year for Kahlúa is sourced following our partner Fondo Para la Paz’s three-pronged approach to sustainable development.

About The Absolut Group

The Absolut Group holds global responsibility for the production, packaging development, innovation and strategic marketing of an extensive range of premium spirits brands. They include the iconic Absolut Vodka, Beefeater, the world’s most awarded gin, Malibu, the leading flavoured rum and Kahlua, the number one coffee liqueur, along with a selection of agave spirits, including Altos tequila and craft gins such as Monkey 47. Our long-term commitment to sustainability and responsible drinking extends to consumers, society, the environment and our teams. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, The Absolut Group is part of Pernod Ricard, a worldwide leader in the spirits and wine industry.

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Pernod Ricard is a worldwide leader in the spirits and wine industry, blending traditional craftsmanship, state-of-the-art brand development, and global distribution technologies. Our prestigious portfolio of premium to luxury brands includes Absolut vodka, Ricard pastis, Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal, Royal Salute, and The Glenlivet Scotch whiskies, Jameson Irish whiskey, Martell cognac, Havana Club rum, Beefeater gin, Malibu liqueur and Mumm and Perrier-Jouët champagnes. Our mission is to ensure the long-term growth of our brands with full respect for people and the environment, while empowering our employees around the world to be ambassadors of our purposeful, inclusive and responsible culture of authentic conviviality. Pernod Ricard’s consolidated sales amounted to € 12,137 million in fiscal year FY23. Pernod Ricard is listed on Euronext (Ticker: RI; ISIN Code: FR0000120693) and is part of the CAC 40 and Eurostoxx 50 indices.