Beefeater Transforms the Sky Into New Advertising Experience

Beefeater, the world’s most awarded gin, is launching an immersive, interactive experience that invites consumers to use the sky as a playground for exploring The Spirit of London. In ’Step into The Spirit of London’, the brand has invested in cutting edge Sky Segmentation Web Augmented Reality technology to unlock unlimited advertising space and create an experience that delivers scale and quality. We talked with Ned Paterson, Global Marketing Manager for Beefeater Gin at Pernod Ricard, to learn more about the story behind the innovative campaign.

What is “Step into the Spirit of London” for those who don’t know?

– It’s the latest creative expression of Beefeater’s ‘The Spirit of London’ communications platform, in which we celebrate the unexpected contrasts that create the unique energy of the city. Consumers are immersed in an interactive Web AR experience: after “stepping into” the experience by scanning a QR code, consumers will board ’The Beefeater Line’ and commence an immersive journey through an animated city in the sky, wherever they are in the world.

What inspired Beefeater to use the sky as a playground?

– You could argue that the sky is one of the last largely unconquered advertising spaces and in a marketing age full of clutter, this felt like an opportunity to cut through and stand out. Bleeding-edge sky segmentation tech delivers high image quality on a giant scale and the 3D animations interact dynamically with the space around them, creating a stunning effect.

You could argue that the sky is one of the last largely unconquered advertising spaces.

Tell us more about ”The Beefeater Line” and what type of experience the consumers get.

– It’s a digital subway that takes travelers through three iconic imaginary stops in London, which consumers can actively choose between. The first one is Sunset Park, where natural and urban elements collide. The second stop is Soho Nights, where users can enjoy the city’s nightlife and vibrant, electric streets. The third and last stop is Riverside Sunrise, which blends London’s party scene with the sunrise at River Thames. “The Beefeater Line” is a metaphorical ride through Beefeater’s vision of London’s night-time energy.

Can you describe the power of AR technology and how it can amplify advertising campaigns?

– Ultimately, AR offers heightened attention, engagement and distinctiveness. By integrating the custom QR code into through-the-line Beefeater marketing material like billboards, coasters, and umbrellas. We invite consumers to dive deeper into our platform, allowing them to go beyond simply seeing our campaign. Now, they can interact directly with the idea as it overlays onto a skyline of their choice.

Ultimately, AR offers heightened attention, engagement and distinctiveness.