Absolut’s NFT campaign bridges reality with online experiences

During the Milan design week, the Absolut team in Italy revealed an exclusive NFT collection with the iconic design brand Seletti. The digital artworks illustrate different design lamps inspired by the World of Cocktail campaign. We chatted with Letizia Invernizzi, Brand Manager for Absolut in Italy, to hear more about the project.

What is the story behind Absolut’s latest NFT campaign with Seletti?

The collaboration between Seletti and Absolut paved a new way to reaching a perhaps more tech-savvy community. NFTs are an exciting concept bridging the online and real-world as you create a “phygital” experience. Also, Seletti, an iconic design brand, shares the same DNA as us at Absolut. Both of us are revolutionary companies that use color as a tool for self-expression, are enablers of change, and are firm believers in the power of human interaction, diversity, and inclusivity. Also, Seletti had already entered the NFT world, so they felt like a trusted partner in this type of project.

How did you come up with the design of the NFT?

We took inspiration from The World of Absolut Cocktails video launched here in Italy that is part of the Global Born To Mix campaign. Seletti used the vibes from the video to create the design of each NFT. The items are a mix of the iconic shape of the Absolut bottle and Seletti’s products’ inclusive design. Also, each NFT bought is associated with a physical lamp in white ceramic composed of two separate items, a lamp shade and Seletti’s re-interpretation of the iconic Absolut bottle. There are four different rarities of NFTs, each of which has a physical design lamp associated in terms of colors and naming: Espresso Martini, Tonic, Mule & Born To Mix.

Tell us more about the NFT launch.

We revealed the design lamps associated to the NFTs during Milan Design Week in mid-April at Seletti’s showroom to key stakeholders, content creators, and media. The NFTs are 3D videos showing the lamps in different environments inspired by The World of Absolut Cocktails video. There are 2.500 pieces available with four levels of rarity – one of which is extremely limited. They cost about 600 euros each, depending on Ethereum value fluctuations, and they are based on the average price of Seletti’s design items with an added value for the unique NFT Collectible. It’s available on our custom-made Web 3.0 platform, where you can buy the NFTs.

The collaboration between Seletti and Absolut paved a new way to reaching a perhaps more tech-savvy community

What response have you received so far, and will we see similar projects by Absolut in the future?

It’s been received really well, and many have been impressed by our work. We have also received a lot of positive media coverage after the Milan reveal, which is also a plus. Still, it’s a pilot project that will be evaluated afterwards. This project has enabled Absolut to create a new type of experience that can engage and reach new and younger audiences. Hopefully, we can do similar drops in the future.

Will more outlets in the drink industry jump into the NFT scene?

Indeed, the NFT world is rapidly growing and catching the eye of consumers, even those who were skeptical one year ago. So, I believe many brands, from the Spirits industry and other industries, will decide to enter the Web 3.0 world to engage their consumers with new “phygital” experiences.

What advice would you give a company that has yet to enter the NFT world but are eager to do so?

It’s still quite a new world, so brands must keep learning every day and adapt their strategies and plans accordingly; what could have been a great NFT project a couple of months before may need to be adjusted and reworked according to newer data and trends. Still, not many brands have entered the NFT world yet, and those who have can be seen as pioneers. That is why most NFT projects are pilots, and we have to learn from them to encourage and inspire others to engage in this new world of content and currencies.