Malibu Brings Vacation Closer to Home

Malibu’s ‘Vacation You’ is all about finding vacation vibes no matter where you are. We interviewed Saragh Killeen, Brand Director Marketing, Malibu & Kahlúa at Pernod Ricard USA, about the program and the brand’s strategy to ease access to the summer mindset it’s famous for eliciting in its customers.

Portrait of Saragh Killeen

What inspired Malibu to create the Vacation You program, and how do you envision it resonating with consumers who can’t always get away during vacation?

Malibu is an icon in the spirits industry – not only is it the #1 selling flavored rum1, but the #1 spirit brand associated with summer2. This program focused on unlocking your vacation-self came to life as a part of Malibu’s strategic platform “Do Whatever Tastes Good” to unlock the summer mindset year-round. According to Fortune, Millennial and Gen Z economic unease is creating a “treat culture” as they turn to tiny purchases for a dose of daily escapism. This behavior has been unlocked from realizing life is short and spending money on little things, from a new piece of clothing to a nice coffee, brings them happiness. Similarly, Malibu believes you don’t have to be on vacay to “do whatever tastes good.” We leaned into this insight as we created our summer program, seeking to help consumers treat themselves to a taste of vacation anytime, anywhere.

Can you tell us more about the collaboration with Paige DeSorbo? What makes her the perfect ambassador for this campaign, and how is her involvement enhancing the overall message?

Paige DeSorbo is the unofficial queen of summer, showcasing her fun personality, vibrant energy and love of lounging year-round — all qualities that lend themselves to the vacation mindset and a Malibu brand ambassador. As a resident New Yorker, Paige has mastered the art of unlocking her vacation self from the comfort of her own zip code. She shows consumers that ‘Vacation You’ is always accessible and is as close as finding a spot to meet up with friends and sipping a delicious cocktail (like her Malibu Paige Breeze).

Malibu has teamed up with ResortPass and LSPACE for unique experiences and products. How did these partnerships come about, and what do they bring to the ‘Vacation You’ experience?

Both ResortPass and LSPACE have been instrumental in bringing the program to life and helping consumers unlock the vacation mindset. The creation of the Malibu cabanas at participating ResortPass locations gives people a physical place to experience the vacation version of themselves without having to book an expensive vacation or leave town. As a brand, Malibu recognizes the importance of feeling good on vacation, which is where LSPACE comes in. By creating the new LSPACE x Malibu exclusive tote bag consumers are able to bring the vacation style to everyday adventures.

In today’s fast-paced world, the idea of a ‘no-travel-needed’ vacation is becoming more popular. How does Malibu’s campaign help city-dwellers tap into the vacation mindset without leaving town?

Malibu’s summer program was designed to help unlock vacation from the comfort of one’s zip code. Many people already book day passes with ResortPass to have the opportunity to experience vacation amenities in their own zip code, which is where Malibu comes in to offer this experience for city dwellers to ignite fun with an extra special daycation experience.