Offsetting carbon by restoring a Mexican forest

Over the past decade, we have been offsetting Scope 1 & 2 emissions by restoring a forest in southern Mexico, through Plan Vivo certified carbon credits. The credits fund Scolel’te (‘the tree that grows’), a reforestation initiative in Mexico that is the world’s longest-running ecosystem services project on the voluntary carbon market. 

Our credits contribute to agroforestry development in degraded or deforested soils, such as coffee being grown in the shade of established timber trees. The trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere, releasing oxygen in its place. Over the past decade, our contributions have planted an equivalent to 46,666 trees, offsetting 18,337 tonnes of CO2 and benefited 1,500 smallholder communities participating in the project.

We will continue to offset our Scope 1 & 2 emissions as we systematically act across the value chain to achieve a carbon-neutral product by 2030. It is our firm intention to reach our 2030 ambition by a combination of carbon footprint reductions and enabling the permanent storage (removal) of the biogenic carbon dioxide that arises from the fermentation at the distillery.

Mexican woman working with beans


trees planted



tonnes of CO2


participating communities